Bahrain Diabetes Society

Society in Bahrain overseeing many of the civil society activities related to diabetes awareness, education and support.

Society head : Dr. Mariam Al Hajeri

Contact: or

Youth Diabetes Group – Team D

Team D is a youth led diabetes group, which aims to create a comprehensive and sustainable diabetes eco-system in Bahrain, addressing education, awareness, support and advocacy. One of their key focus points is to prevent the stigma’s concerning diabetes and prevent discrimination towards the people who have diabetes, and the people at risk.

Co-ordinated by IDF Young Leader in Diabetes, Khadija Al-Arayedh


Parents Empowering Parents – PEP (Coming Soon)

A PEP Squad is a group of parents of children with diabetes who support each other during different life stages and experiences with diabetes.

Members of the group who have undergone the challenges first hand are able to support newly-diagnosed families, or families encountering a new diabetes-related trial. Questions are answered with personal experiences, while information, resources, emotional support and hope are shared.

Need medical advice?

Please note that groups cannot give medical advice. They can only talk about diabetes from their own experiences. If you need medical advice please contact your local diabetes specialist nurse, or local diabetes centre.

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